Community Transition Services

The Community Transition Services Program, or CTS, is a Medicaid program that assists nursing facility residents that would like to explore community-based living options. Services are offered to assist in securing housing and facilitate a successful discharge to the community.  

We think it is important that individuals be able to make informed choices and decide for themselves where they want to live. Too often, people with disabilities end up in nursing homes not because they need to be, but just because of circumstances. When that happens, they often don’t have the resources or know-how to achieve an independent living arrangement in the community. Instead, they feel stuck in an environment that limits their potential.  

Through our Community Transition Services Program, we help many individuals each year successfully move out of nursing homes and achieve an independent community living arrangement.  

Note: Every case is based on the individual’s care and housing needs and no two transitions are the same. Needed services will be based on the individual’s goals and needs.  

Disclaimer(s): Community Transition Services Program does not assist with ongoing case management for the patient. However, the patient is referred to other community service programs for ongoing case care management.