Training & Consulting on Disability Issues  

Accessibility, ADA & ADA+

Optimizing and maintaining accessibility in an office, business, or public facility can seem daunting. From a foundational understanding of compliance with the ADA to pushing well beyond the basics, getting the right information is important.

Our knowledge of accessibility is both personal, technical, and based on years of experience. We can help you move towards a more accessible and disability-friendly environment. We can support your understanding of what accessibility and the ADA mean for you. How might change improve things for everyone?

We believe that improving accessibility is not just about doing just what is mandated by the ADA, it includes the additional steps you take. We call this ADA+.

It all starts with a conversation! After that, we can coordinate walkthroughs, workshops, and ongoing consultation.

  • Creating More Accessible Spaces and Places
  • Digital Accessibility
  • HR Practices & Accommodations

Disability Awareness Training

DATs are programs for businesses, non-profits, university departments, college classes and any group of adults wanting to think more deeply about disability, become aware of types of disability and disability identity, and consider aspects of equity and inclusion of people with disabilities in their work and education.

Where ADA+ looks at the environment, DATs explore the human side, our relationships, assumptions, and the ways we work together. DAT workshops can be easily structured as classic ‘lunch & Learns’, as longer workshops, and as staff or leadership retreats. Workshops can combine engaging experiential learning, focused discussions, formal presentations, and solution-oriented programming.

All DATs are customized to your needs, setting, and direction. Conversations include:

  • IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility
  • Disability in the Workplace
  • Diversity & Disability
  • Planning for Disability (incorporating Disability Awareness into Strategic Planning)
  • Leading with an Accessibility Mindset
  • Service Animal Awareness and Guidelines
  • Reporting and Writing about People with Disabilities
  • Accessible Customer Service

Disability Awareness Workshops

Disability Awareness Workshops (DAW) are programs for school-age students (4th grade and up) that support an empathetic understanding of physical, developmental, and learning disabilities. At their core, DAW’s are hands-on, engaging, activity-based workshops designed to support students learning how complex daily living can be for individuals with disabilities and our wide range of innovative and resourceful solutions.

Programs are facilitated by staff and volunteers with disabilities. Program options range from assembly and classroom speakers, single class workshops, to half-day all-school or all-grade programs. Since their inception, over 25,000 students have participated in these programs.

Volunteering and Training Opportunities

  • Student internships with area universities in a variety of programs
  • Serving as a site for on-the-job trainings
  • Hosting collaborative events, presentations, and focus groups with community organizations and members who want to offer their time and talent