Photo of Eliot.

Image description: Eliot stands in the Michigan Capitol building on Legislative Day 2022. They’re wearing a suit jacket, khakis, and a tie, along with a face mask.

Community Advocacy & Inclusion

We provide individual advocacy by offering our support alongside someone as they are facing a complex advocacy concern. We also provide community/systems advocacy via representation in community meetings and legislative events, and share information on important issues.  

Disability Community Action Lab, or DCAL, is a group where like-minded community members come together to identify issues, seek out information, and take action to make a difference. We also can educate and guide individual citizens to take action on an issue they feel is important to them. 

Disclaimer(s): We do not provide legal support or get involved in legal matters. We do not endorse a political party but spotlight legislation/policies, advocacy efforts, and issues that concern the betterment of the disability community.