Employment Preparation

Our employment team works with students and adults to gain skills and prepare for employment.

American Dream Employment Network

We are a member of the American Dream Employment Network (ADEN). ADEN is a national administrative Employment Network providing services to individuals receiving Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefits under the Ticket to Work program. For individuals receiving SSA disability benefits, the return to gainful employment can be complicated and challenging. As a new Member of ADEN, we want to invite all of our current customers/clients who are receiving Social Security disability benefits to explore assigning your Ticket to Work. 

To read and hear about success stories of ADEN Participants improving their financial situation, visit their site.

Pre-Employment Transition Services

Our Pre-Employment Transition Services help youth prepare for the transition from high school to entering the workforce.

Collaboration with Outside Agencies

We also work closely with MRS & BSBP to help students and adults gain meaningful employment skills.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons

Contact our employment team to learn how you can be connected with employment resources in the community!


Disclaimer(s): The CIL does not always provide job placement services or job coaching. We provide soft skill development to prepare someone for employment or maintaining current employment. To access these services, we typically work in collaboration with other agencies to receive authorizations from other agencies that provide employment services for people with disabilities such as Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Bureau of Services for Blind Persons, American Dream Employment Network.